Anahata Rising ~ 200 Hour Spring to Summer Intensive Yoga Teacher Training ~ 2018

200Hr Yoga Alliance Certified Training in Edmonton, Ab

Come, seek, for search is the foundation of fortune: Every success depends upon focusing the Heart ~Rumi

For those who are eager to know more of their own inner workings. Who wish to refine relations within and without to access greater alignment through information, empowerment and choice. Explore beginnings of simple techniques that teach how to practice to create more space, joy, health and optimal function in the body. Anahata Rising offers a refined, interactive education in Ancient and Modern Yogic practices with a strong intent to facilitate experience and embodiment within our tribe as to encourage the growth of authentic practitioners and teachers.

Who should take Yoga Teacher Training?:

Students wanting to deepen their own experience for self knowledge are most welcome as are practitioners wishing to share their love of Yoga with others. All ages are welcome and all abilities can be accommodated with some experience in the field of Yoga Required.

What will you Learn?:

  • Foundations of Asana (Postures) including modifications, adjustments and anatomical alignment.
  • Foundations of Pranayama (Breathing Techniques)
  • Foundations of Meditation and Tools to steady the mind.
  • Intro to the Language of Sanskrit (Known as the ancient language of Light) Including Mantra
  • Explore the Yoga Sutra’s and teachings of the Yogic path
  • Learn how to theme and sequence effective classes in a variety of styles including flow, Hatha and beginners.
  • Explore finding your inner teacher in fun and playful ways.
  • Practice teaching fellow students and present 2 formal practicums
  • Written exam and final paper

***In this program, we will spend plenty of hours in practice and meditation to facilitate deeper learning of the practices. There will also be time spent in seated lecture, group discussion and fun interactive play.***

When and Where?:

Upcoming Trainings:
Spring to Summer 2018 dates and times 
May 21-26th, 2018 (Mon-Fri) from 7:15am-4:30pm 
June 3-9th, 2018 (Mon-Fri) from 7:15am-4:30pm 
July 2-7th, 2018 (Mon-Fri) from 7:15am-4:30pm 
Final Weekend July 13-15th (Friday-7pm-10pm/Saturday 2:30pm-9pm/ Sunday 1:30pm-4:30pm) 

***Includes a pass to your favorite studio!***

Investment $3600 +gst


  • Detailed Manual and instruction
  • Class passes
  • 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certification (based on course material, exam and practicums)

***Please contact Anahata Rising to save your spot***

Location: Windemere, Edmonton, Ab Phone: (780) 904-5431

Continuing Education:

60 Hour Yoga Nidra Teacher Training ~ School of Sankalpa

Humanities quest for the true self is the foundation of all wisdom teachings. Yet often, the path towards self-realization is a steady uncovering and study of who we are not. Only then, when we illuminate all the personal content of our consciousness and shift our awareness to the impersonal stream of consciousness itself, will we be liberated into our own freedom. In this advanced training series, we will explore the ancient practice of yoga nidra, and meditation techniques for connection to soul, and study energetic imprints that create perception and perspective.

The offering will be divided into 3 Modules

Module 1: The Practice~ Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science

Yoga Nidra is a systematic relaxation practice that guides practitioners to an expanded state of the field of consciousness beyond the 5 senses. This wisdom teaching is a portal into one’s authentic nature, where the timeless Self resides. We will study and explore different states of consciousness and corresponding brain states in order to access the information available at that frequency. This understanding reveals the sacredness of present moment time, how to use visualization effectively, and uncovers a deeper understanding of who we are. Tracking time in quiet brain states will be encouraged, and observer consciousness awakened and nurtured.

Location: Off-Site
Cost: $444+gst
YA Certified: 20hrs
For Teachers and Students alike
Facilitator: Sheena Mason
Dates: Feb 23-25th (Friday 5pm-9pm/ Sat & Sun 9am-5pm)

>Module 2: Belief Systems~ Seeing Beyond

States of consciousness are awakened that can be used to shift outdated structure of the psyche known as belief systems with a precious seed known as Sankalpa.Each practitioner will receive their personal priority belief to work with via subconscious energetic measuring. Beliefs act as data filters on how we take in information to understand our world, how we perceive our options, and how we feel about ourselves and others. By specifically identifying and re-programming our core limiting beliefs, we look to remove self-imposed limitations to our current reality and re-align with self-affirming beliefs that allow for a more fulfilling experience of life. A change in belief causes a paradigm shift in perception of reality.

Location: Bliss YogaSpa
Cost: $444+gst
YA Certified: 20hrs
For Teachers and Students alike
Facilitators : Sheena Mason & Heather Ivany
Dates: March 9-11 (Friday 8am-5am/ Sat 12pm-9pm/Sun 1:30pm-4pm)

Module 3: Teach Yoga Nidra

The seat is prepared to teach from what is known. Practitioners are supported in the journey to the teachers seat, where their own experiences in personal growth can transform into shared wisdom. An in-depth exploration in script writing from various perspective including the basic nidra scripts, creative scripts ect. Teachers will be offered both philosophy of teaching and the experience of guiding practices. This training is offered to sincere students, seekers and teachers alike.

Location: Bliss YogaSpa
Cost: $444+gst
YA Certified: 20hrs
For Teachers who have completed the first 2 modules only
Facilitator: Sheena Mason
Dates: May 4-6th (Friday 8am-5am/ Sat 12pm-9pm/Sun 1:30pm-4pm)

*****Please contact Bliss YogaSpa to reserve your spot**** 780-432-1535