Sheena Mason

The true meaning of Yoga (Union), as my path is consistently delivering me to the shores of the unexpected. Where I trade my plotted expectations for freedom as it stitches my parts together in all their beauty, loveliness, vulnerability, clinging, scared forms. As I weave, I am ever grateful to my teachers, peers, students, family and friends for their constant deliverance to the universal lesson of allowance, as there is no greater space for all parts, all beings to reside than in the space of the unconditioned heart.

I have completed a 200hr YTT training with World Conscious Yoga family that awoke my dormant heart. And continue to steep in the yoga of the mind with Isabelle Addison.

Followed by 300hr YTT with Gaiatri Yoga Teacher Training were I continue to learn the the possibilities in human love and the practical philosophy of yoga from Ally Bogard. This is also where I met my Yoga Nidra/ Meditation/ Spiritual teacher Tanis Fishman whom I have taken additional 50hr Yoga Nidra YTT with. In her patience, I move through thresholds of consciousness I never thought possible. I have experienced deep understanding, healing and awareness from her teachings.

And now, working towards the completion of of my 200hr Katonah Yoga YTT were My friend and Teacher Kathlyn Villain teaches me about the function and integrative understanding of my body in a way that is both practical, esoteric and creates a tangible vessel for all other teachings.

Lindsey Park

Lindsey has spent the last 10 years of her life dedicated to studying the practice of yoga, and after thousands of hours of formal training it became very clear that everything we strive to learn we already know. The brilliance of the universe resides within us, and by simply finding the ability to become quiet and listen allows for the induction of profound internal and universal intelligences to be revealed. Remaining steady on her path as a student and in a state of receiving, Lindsey continues to explore both the known and unknown with immense curiosities through movement, connection, song, silence, love and gratitude.

Kat Boehm

Kat Boehm’s exploration of Yoga started in 1996, with her first class at a local fitness facility. Excited and fascinated with this new approach, she continued to expand her practice in her teacher’s basement. Her interest was piqued, realizing the depth these systematic teachings offer and went to India for her 1st teacher training in 2000. She has enthusiastically broadened her knowledge of movement, anatomy and Yoga through numerous trainings, workshops and certifications. Kat firmly believes that the body is meant to move. Moving the body regularly with supportive, functional alignment as well as varied exercises will cultivate a state of confidence and create health and well-being at any stage of life.

While in India, Kat discovered and began sitting silent retreats. She has spent time in India, Burma and the United States on extended silent retreats with renowned teachers in different Buddhist lineages. Kat constantly evolves and deepens her practice of mindfulness meditation through study, retreats and the continual support of her teachers and community of practitioners. The practice of meditation is a gradual process towards the mind’s natural state of clarity and ease. It is a practice that requires care and curiosity, developing a compassionate understanding of our human life and the possibility to live with awareness and contentment.

Kat rides her bike, eats dark chocolate, spends time with her husband, cat, friends, as well as in nature to enjoy the simple yet delightful aspects of daily life!