As Summer Solstice approaches we move into our greatest expansion of light. A time when the luminous power of the Sun shines the brightest and longest, sparking the presence of the FIRE element.

Join Sheena and Lindsey in this 1-Day retreat to cultivate a living balance through the exploration of the AIR & EARTH elements.

As we cascade into the experience of AIR, it reignites our relationship with our own heart, creates an inner sense of freedom, lightness, and inspiration of Flow. EARTH merges with the qualities of the body and reconnects us to our roots as we enjoy the pleasures of movement and immerse ourselves with the surrounding nature. This amalgamation of AIR & EARTH, or heart & body together, promotes a balancing of the elements which are expressing themselves within us. Harmonization and inner alignment occur, so to rekindle and illuminate the light within!

This 1-Day retreat will be held at the beautiful Gull Lake Centre, 1.5 hours south of Edmonton, and will include lunch, yoga, meditation, yoga nidra, and other practices to guide us into balance and light.

Location: Gull Lake Centre, RR3 Lacombe, Ab T4L 2N3, (403) 782-2495

Date: June 14th, 2019 from 8am-4pm

Directions: Please see

Lunch: A Healthy Lunch will be provided. Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions at the time the confirmation email is sent out.

Cost: $108 +gst

What to bring: Be prepared to spend some time outdoors, weather permitting. Bring Yoga Mat, 1-2 blankets, bolster and eye pillow for Yoga Nidra as well as a journal.