Yoga has now been an integral part of my life for fifteen years and I am privileged to say that it has been my career for the last ten years of my life. Initially I was drawn to the physical aspects of the practice and soon realized how much more this practice really has to offer. In 2014 I took the trip of a life time to travel the world with the intentions of discovering how other cultures integrate yoga and hoped to learn other techniques of making this practice accessible. I was fortunate to meet many inspirational people and I was also introduced to an immense amount of suffering that literally broke my heart. I felt helpless when I finally embarked on my journey back home and was not quite ready to land. How could I leave such suffering and devastation and then go home to an abundance of resources? I had no idea and I experienced a lot of breakthroughs during my travels but the biggest was upon my return home. As I integrated myself back into the North American ways I quickly realized how much we are suffering on this side of the planet, but in a completely different way. Through this constant drive to propel ourselves through our daily routines we have lost ourselves in all the busy actions we create. We are so fast paced and I quickly realized how much stress we create and it leads to sickness. Whether it manifest in a physical ailment or a mental one, we are driving ourselves crazy and have lost touch with the importance of self-care. My mission became so clear, creating a space that is so much more than touching your toes. Navina is a safe space that gives us the freedom to drop any concern for looking good and starts to move you in a direction that feels good. Yoga is an incredibly transformative tool and can be the catalyst to create anything you want in this life. My goal is to spread as much health, happiness, and success through yoga as possible. Although I am not in a position to help the other side of the planet just yet I am determined to making this practice of yoga accessible to everyone who is willing to dive in. This is why I started our Karma Program in a completely different way, instead of raising money with karma classes we actually provide yoga to non-profit organizations on a weekly basis. We are honored to work with the Sorrentino’s Compassion House, CASA which supports children’s mental health and we are very excited to be working with Wellspring, who is opening their doors very soon. Yoga is extremely healing and can empower people in so many ways, whether they take charge of their life, start to shed addictions, or just learn the importance of slowing down. I believe stress is the number one cause of illness and yoga and meditation are the perfect antidote that can be done anywhere, anytime, so why not provide the tools to those who need it most? I am so excited to be in this incredible community here in Edmonton and look forward to many more years of sharing my passion for health, happiness and personal development.