The gathering of different genders, ages, and variant backgrounds, weaved into a kaleidoscope of communal experience is what inspires Heather to teach. She loves the dance of human connection. There is a willingness with Heather to search through the layers of life’s imprints and tap into that place that unites all of our soul’s. It is this that keeps her hunting to know thyself and connecting with others through the power of spirit.
Heather was first drawn to explore the illuminative world of yoga through meditation and prayer which cultivated a passion to delve into the many facets of this ancient practice. Heather’s teachings works within the framework of our daily lives. She understands that every moment is an opportunity to understand ourselves and push the parameters of our growth. Using the landscape of the physical body Heather paints the canvas using the qualities of the masculine/feminine, sensations/feelings and the sparkling vastness all around.
Heather has a willingness to observe unbiasedly and to see beyond seeing. “Our strength should not act as a shield but rather give power to open our hearts and encourage compassion and integrity to spread into our lives and communities”.
For over 12 years she has co-led teachers trainings, workshops, classes, and retreats throughout western Canada. Heather is a EYT 500 teacher and has articles written in Elephant  Journal, Gaiam, The Fernie Fix and more.  She is the co-founder of
Her influences are an eclectic mix ranging from Jess Freeman, Anodea Judith, Ally Bogard, Tanis Fishman, Celeste Needham, Shiva Rae, Allan Watts, Sally Kempton and more.
Heather draws on the abundance of life in the outdoors where she lives in Fernie, British Columbia.
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