What is Evolving Consciously?

​Evolving Consciously is a program designed to guide us to the

remembrance of the fundamental expression of Oneness.  With the

beautiful merging of spirit and science, we embrace traditional yoga

teachings and time-honoured methods of healing. This course is


integrative, compelling and relevant for yoga teaching today.  "Move away

from the box of yoga instructor and into the seat of Yoga teacher."


We offer a program that is rich and experiential, which invites you to sink

into the heart of the practice through dedicated studentship and self-inquiry.

Evolving Consciously gives you a broader and deeper set of skills and

insights to bring into your practice and teaching. The 'advanced' quality of

this training is not merely about so-called advanced asanas, but rather

leads us on the admirable path of self-discovery. Here we peel back the

layers, allow room for vulnerability, and reveal the truth of who we are.


​Who is this training for?

The Evolving Consciously course is designed for yoga teachers and

committed practitioners who are ready to deepen their understanding of the

practice, the Self,

and the field of Consciousness.


​Our 300-Hour Yoga Alliance Registered program allows teachers with a

200-Hour certificate from any other Yoga Alliance recognized school to

then be eligible for their RYT-500 upon successful completion.  If your initial

200-hour program was not Yoga Alliance certifiable, you can still participate

in our program, but will not be eligible to register as a RYT-500

through Yoga   Alliance.  If you are simply a dedicated student with no 200-

hour certification but are drawn to this course, we welcome you and will

support your learning as well.  Our 300-hour curriculum is designed to

deepen and enrich your experience both as a practitioner of yoga and as a

teacher of this powerful and transformational practice.


​***Our program allows TWO YEARS  for completion, so if there is a

module or two that doesn’t work for you time wise, you can always

join us the following year for completion and full certification of the

program.  Additionally all our modules are set up as 'individual pods'

meaning you can join our training at any time and be right on track.***

Evolving Consciously Modules:

With every module we begin each day with a 90-120 minute practice

which can include pranayama, meditation and asana. In addition we

have a meal out together, meditative walks and sound experiences.


With over eleven major systems in the body why limit yourself to

experiencing and teaching from muscles and bones?   This module

explores the illuminate world of what makes us up!  Experience moving


from organs, the restoration of the nervous system as the body fits into

itself, and the abyss of our physicality.  "The human body is a river of

intelligence, energy and information that is constantly renewing itself in

every second of its existence." ~Deepak Chopra


Major topics include but are not limited too…

 Sacred Geometry  –Learn how the body fits into itself

 Moving Organ-ically-  Your body is vast arena of enlightenment awaiting

your attention.

 Myo-fascia Meridians-Learn how to release, rewire, and rehydrate these

tissues .

 Therapeutic Drum Circles-  Enjoy the experience of healing vibrations

through drum bathing

 Art of Restoration-Experience the rest of your life with restorative yoga.

 Advanced Pranayama – Connect more deeply with the powerful realm of

the energy body

 Psychology and the Chakra System- An in-depth study of the Chakra



There is a beautiful moment when your attention can move from external to

internal, when the separation between the observer and the observed is

indistinguishable. This state of consciousness is possible

for everyone. Through the journey of unlocking both our conscious and

subconscious mind we’ll discover how to  connect more deeply with our


sacred Self.  This is the art of being attention.. This is "the work". This is the

path of self love.  Are you ready to know your mystery?

"The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of

consciousness into our awareness." ~Lao Tzu

Major topics include but are not limited too…

 Yoga Nidra- This wisdom teaching is a portal into one’s authentic nature

 Self-Observation- How to observe without judgement.

 Meditation- Working with resistance, gap time and gateways

 The Human Brain- Learn the physiological workings of the brain and it's

partner the nervous system,

 Belief Systems – Understand the driver behind many of our actions,

reactions and life experiences.

 Conscious and Subconscious mind- How to train both cohesively and


 Advanced Yamas and Niyamas-How to teach their essence

without sounding preachy or dogmatic.

 Crystal Bowl Sound Healing- Bask in the bathing of sound with quartz

crystal singing bowls​


Looking for practical tools to help you incorporate philosophical or heart-

centered themes into your classes without sounding fluffy or dogmatic?

Do you teach from your authentic  voice and know how to intelligently

sequence your classes to create that euphoric feeling?  This session is

designed for teachers looking for  ways to mine their own knowledge and

experience into their unfolding evolutionary experience.  There are no


rules to follow just tips, suggestions and lots of encouragement to take your

teaching to the next level.


Major topics include but are not limited too…

 Teach to the 5 bodies not one-  Reach the teacher, athlete, councillor,

healer, and mystic.

 Imprint a deeper meaning- Learn the 4 keys to weaving themes

 Finding your authentic voice- Learn how cadence and resonance

connect to your authentic sound

 Heart Based Language- How to teach from the heart without sounding

fluffy or new-agey.

 Energetic Boundaries –  Gaining clarity on how to hold space without

'giving your energy away'

 ​Stories and metaphors- How to add depth and meaning to your poses

 Assisting and Adjusting- 'See' your students & sharpen your eye for


 Teaching Privates/Retreats/Workshops- How to design, promote and


 Sound Experience- Enjoy a healing sound experience through shamanic

drumming, crystal bowls, kirtan ​

Out of Class Hours: (30 non-contact hours)

Over the duration of the course there will be 30 hours to complete on your

own to make up the 300-hours, which are required for certification.  These

hours are to be amended by attending 15 classes with one of the lead or

supporting teachers for either practice or observation of which you will then


journal about and be asked to share your experience at the following in-

class session.